Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sidewalk Chalk

I forgot all about sidewalk chalk! We were at a local park and Aleia found a little stub of chalk in the grass. So I took her over to a sidewalk to draw. I forgot all about that stuff! So that day, we had to go to the store and get some. I tell ya. $2.00 is an excellent price to pay for hours and hours of fun. (Not to mention beautifully designed sidewalks). What a perfect summer toy for a toddler!

Downing Reunion

We also headed down to Cedar City this past weekend for a Downing Reunion. It was really fun to get away, and meet Matt's extended family. We just spent the time at a park playing games and wading in the river. It was a great place for a reunion! One of my favorite parts was seeing Andrea Thompson (a great friend from highschool and college) down there. All in all, it was an awesome trip, and we are making plans to go watch Uncle Ted coach the San Diego Chargers in December. :o)

PG Strawberry Days

The longest line, but most worth the wait, was a free pony ride!!! Everything was free at the Huck Finn day in the park in Pleasant Grove. We had a lot of fun there with our cousins and Grandma. Aleia got a strawberry painted on her face by a princess, and she even got to go to grandma's house afterwords for lunch. I love summer!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blasted Computer

So, I officially destroyed our computer by downloading a virus. Whoops. Therefore, we had to do some upgrading. Matt's been working hard on the computer trying to troubleshoot it and get it working again. After a lot of sleepless nights, we decided to upgrade, and you see here that the parts had all just arrived. The only problem was, we had a split second power outage in the middle of the installation process and the motherboard died. So now we are in the process of switching it out for a different one and hopefully soon will have a completely functioning computer. Yea! I am really grateful that Matt is capable of fixing my many computer mistakes. He really is a genuius. Jack of all trades, master of quite a few of them! Thanks Matt!

Orem Summerfest

We took some time this weekend and headed out to the Summerfest. It was a lot of fun for me. I love being where the party is. :o) Aleia loved the horse, Matt enjoyed finding a liquid nitrogen ice cream stand, and I just loved getting out. Hooray for summer! It was fun to meet up with Jamie for the parade on Saturday while Matt was helping out my parents with a painting project. Aleia was mesmorised by the parade. It was a perfect night for it too. I love summer!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stake Presidency BBQ

We were lucky to attend the BBQ with the Stake Presidency Matt has been privledged to work with this past year. Matt and I are now attending a different stake, and he has been released, but they let us come back for one last BBQ. These are some of the people Matt has had the privledge of working with. We sure have a lot of respect for each of them! And they had a really fun backyard!