Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yes, It's grey. Man. I never thought the color of a house would be such a stressful thing. And you know what? I'm glad it's not brown. I told Matt, I really don't want anything that is the shade mud, dirt, or poo. Not that those colors are bad on houses! There are some beautiful homes that color. There just seems to be nothing but brown where we are moving to. I just wanted to look at something a little bit different. And well, I got it! Stone grey. I can't begin to tell you how much I've worried about our outside house colors. You know? There's a lot of pressure for it to be nice.

  • Your neighbors might not like you if they don't like your house color.
  • You don't want to depreciate home values in your neighborhood by making an ugly house.
  • Oh, by the way, the builder's model home is 2 doors down. He wants it to be a nice neighborhood to show off the best of his work (which by the way, they have done amazing work on this house).
  • It's the first of this model he's built, so he asked if he could send people out to look at it periodically. (no pressure right?)

We went to look at it today with the garage doors on it, and you know? I love they grey. I have no regrets. Go grey! Thanks Matt, for putting up with all of this! (PS. what is the correct spelling for grey/gray? Wikepedia said either one works. Anyone know for sure?

Friday, March 19, 2010

More House Updates

As for updates, when Matt was there a couple of days ago they were putting the texture on the ceiling and prepping the outside for stucco. It should be all done in a month! Wahoo!

This is the house in preperation for stucco. Yea!

Here is the front room

Here's one of the bedrooms (south facing)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm

We had a nice morning, so all the neighbors were outside. I love it when that happens. The weatherman was right though, we definitely got snow in the afternoon. Here are some pictures of why I have loved where we live.

Upstairs Neigbors
Kid pow wow

I love this smile!

Their little table. Smart thinking Aleia!

Emily and cute kids

House is coming along!

The view from upstairs

How it looked last Sunday (Feb 28th)...

I haven't been the best at keeping you all posted on how our house is coming. That's because they are going so fast I can't keep up! Since I last blogged, our house has been framed, it now has windows, outside doors, a roof, the garages, showers, baths, heating, plumbing, electric, and I think the sheetrock is going in monday. Goodness! They are cruising! This house could be done in four weeks! (I wouldn't mind!) So, there's the update. It is so neat to see the progress every day. We are counting our blessings we've had such great weather the past few weeks, so they can work so quickly!
oh, cool story about Sunday. We drove out to see the home, and right when we got out there, Aleia had to go to the bathroom. So we knocked on the neighbor's door, and she said, "Oh yeah, you're dixie right?" She knew who I was! (Appartently it's a tight knit neighborhood) And her husbands name is Matt too. They are a VERY cool family. Apparently there are a lot of girls Aleia's age. I'm excited to get to know the people around us. Jackie (the neighbor) said people were really down to earth out there. Yea!