Saturday, January 30, 2010

Live the Life Promotion

Hey~ I know some of you have been wanting to try the 'Live the Life' Program.

There is a promotion going on:

Starting this coming Monday Feb 1st and ending Feb 7th, we are doing a big "promo" for our NEW UPGRADED LIVE THE LIFE program. We took all our members suggestions on how to make it even better and then did just that...made it better. It has all kinds of awesome new stuff on the menu, dinner options, grocery list, and even changed up the workouts to be much better and more time efficient. We're also adding some neat accountability reporting features to help you out even more with the results you report back each week.
What's the "promo" you ask? (good question)
For anyone who signs up during this week of Feb 1st - Feb 7th will get their first 4 weeks of our Elite membership for FREE: (the new LIVE THE LIFE program upgrades start Feb 1st) That's a $20 value for FREE!

If you have been interested, this would be a great time to do it. She has never lowered her prices. I think it's been a great program for my family. I love how I feel being in control of myself, and how confident I finaly feel about my body.
Here's the Link for the Men's program:
And Here's for the Women:

There is also a 7 day challenge you can try for free!
Here's the link for the FREE "Seven Day Challenge"

Try it! You will be SO glad you did.