Sunday, April 04, 2010

Tribute to Aleia

Aleia turned four in February and I wanted to do a little spotlight on her. Time just passes way too quickly sometimes. So, here it is now.

Aleia's favorites:
  • food: ice cream
  • animal: horse
  • family and friends
  • movies
  • books
  • one-on-one time

Aleia is very quick-witted. I'm always amazed what comes out of her mouth. "Grandma, I have to eat my boogers because my mom and dad don't feed me enough".

Or "MOM! My heart is in HEAVEN!"

One thing I love about Aleia is the friendship she has with her sister Macie. She loves to play and laugh with her. And when Macie is sad, she'll usually help her calm down and be happy.

I'm also impressed by how quickly she picks up words, songs, phrases, etc. She learns very quickly auditorily, and can repeat a song a few weeks later that she heard once or twice.

Aleia is a great friend, and is very good at maintaining close relationships with her family members. We feel very grateful to have her as part of our family. :o)

Just about finished!

The house should be done in one week! That's almost 2 months ahead of schedule! We have an awesome builder. So far, everything has turned out better than I expected. Heres some pictures of the fun!
So, the floors are all in, the cabinets are pretty much all in. They just need to hang doors, put cover plates on outlets and heating ducts, hang bathroom mirrors, and a few other small things. We forgot to take a picture of the outside. It looks AWESOME! It's actually not the color I previously posted. And thank heavens, it looks a lot better than that first color. Whew.
We met some more neighbors. I can't wait to be a part of that neighborhood. They seem really really cool. I'm excited that the moms out there don't work. Most of them are home with their kids. Yea! Friends! And we discovered there are 16 girls Macies age in the ward. NO BOYS. Crazy. One more week. Then we can close. :o))