Sunday, April 04, 2010

Just about finished!

The house should be done in one week! That's almost 2 months ahead of schedule! We have an awesome builder. So far, everything has turned out better than I expected. Heres some pictures of the fun!
So, the floors are all in, the cabinets are pretty much all in. They just need to hang doors, put cover plates on outlets and heating ducts, hang bathroom mirrors, and a few other small things. We forgot to take a picture of the outside. It looks AWESOME! It's actually not the color I previously posted. And thank heavens, it looks a lot better than that first color. Whew.
We met some more neighbors. I can't wait to be a part of that neighborhood. They seem really really cool. I'm excited that the moms out there don't work. Most of them are home with their kids. Yea! Friends! And we discovered there are 16 girls Macies age in the ward. NO BOYS. Crazy. One more week. Then we can close. :o))


Jamie said...

WOW that was fast! How exciting! Yea for mom friends!

Nicole said...

Dixie it looks like a nice house! I hope it turns out exacly how you want it and I am glad to hear you will have friends out there too. You will be miss here!