Friday, January 07, 2011

Winter Blues

Well, it's hit me. I want to be somewhere else. No offense Jack Frost, but I'd really prefer to be somewhere warm and tropical. I wouldn't mind dropping by to visit Amanda in Florida for a week or two if it didn't cost so much. Its that time of year when I just crave that warm summer sun. COME BACK! Sigh. :o)

Christmas Wii time before the black death hit.

Christmas Jammies

The rest of our Christmas break...all of us (except Macie) got the black death for a whole week until finally we found a doctor Friday morning. Wow. Thank heavens for antibiotics!

On a different note:
Last night I was at Zumba, and forgot I had left my water bottle in the hall. After class, I was so happy to see it I grabbed the bottle and chugged. The cool refreshing water was so good! Except the last gulp...which tasted kind of salty, and had a bit of a crunch. I looked inside my aluminum water bottle and found a mostly eaten string cheese, and wrapper in my drink! SICK! I think I must have loaned it to a child earlier that day (hopefully the cheese wasn't any older than that). It took a great deal of effort to get all the pieces out of that narrow top.
I've learned my lesson. Always look inside the bottle before taking a drink.