Friday, January 07, 2011

Winter Blues

Well, it's hit me. I want to be somewhere else. No offense Jack Frost, but I'd really prefer to be somewhere warm and tropical. I wouldn't mind dropping by to visit Amanda in Florida for a week or two if it didn't cost so much. Its that time of year when I just crave that warm summer sun. COME BACK! Sigh. :o)

Christmas Wii time before the black death hit.

Christmas Jammies

The rest of our Christmas break...all of us (except Macie) got the black death for a whole week until finally we found a doctor Friday morning. Wow. Thank heavens for antibiotics!

On a different note:
Last night I was at Zumba, and forgot I had left my water bottle in the hall. After class, I was so happy to see it I grabbed the bottle and chugged. The cool refreshing water was so good! Except the last gulp...which tasted kind of salty, and had a bit of a crunch. I looked inside my aluminum water bottle and found a mostly eaten string cheese, and wrapper in my drink! SICK! I think I must have loaned it to a child earlier that day (hopefully the cheese wasn't any older than that). It took a great deal of effort to get all the pieces out of that narrow top.
I've learned my lesson. Always look inside the bottle before taking a drink.


Matt and Amanda Coleman said...

Oh, yes!! Come see us!! We have an extra room, and would love to have you! We could go play at the beach, go to the zoo, of course all things Disney are in Orlando..... there's lots to do! You should definitely come!

Mary Ann (Crockett) Ahlstrom said...

I am gagging just reading your post. YUCK!

Douglas Porter said...

Handmade jewelry and quilted bags!