Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sammy's House

We got to play at Sammy's house this weekend. Hooray for friends! Jen was nice enough to take these pictures of our cute girls. We're very excited for Macie to have a playmate too in a month!

I Love You Rituals

Everyone has seen a babies face light up when they play "Patty Cake" with an adult. The one-on-one time, the complete attention of the parent, and the play time are eaten up by the baby who smiles, giggles and coos.
But what happens as babies get older? We stop doing those touching games with them. A book I've been reading called I Love You Rituals by Becky A Bailey explains that these types of games

  • boost brain potential
  • encourage cooperation and caring
  • promote learning and literacy
  • increase attention and decrease power struggles and
  • build bonds of unconditional love

I've really enjoyed the ideas for games I can play with Aleia. She loves the games and craves the attention.

So, for all the parents out there, I decided I would post a new 'I love you ritual' once a week, or one a month. (I haven't decided which yet) so that we can all build stronger relationships with our kids whom we love SO MUCH!

So watch for the new rituals, posted on the right.

When Aleia and I play this game at nap time (Good Night Elbow), she is a lot happier about taking a nap, knowing I'm not just trying to get rid of her, but still love her unconditionally. Try it out! See how they work for your family! I'd love to get feedback.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Time with Dad!

So, I try to spend about an hour of good "one-on-one" time with Aleia every day, and we have a lot of fun! As Macie gets older, and other kids join the family, I will have to share and take turns for that special time with other kids, but right now it is a lot of fun to be able to play with just her! The below photos are from our most recent ventures together...she is such a little heart melter!

Aleia holding "Sparkles," her favorite dog in the world.

She is already pointing and laughing at me...I wonder what will happen during the next 10 years.

She loves to swing...

With her mouth wide open.

Cheezin' for the camera

"Come get me Dad! (as if I could ever fit in there.)

Aleia workin' her climbing skills

She got pretty far up the slide!

This is what happens when your daughter says "I want to stay in the car for a minute."

For the record, I did not suggest, teach, or show her how to do this.

Maybe we'll put her back there on our next trip.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Point Farm

All of us on a wagon ride pulled by Clydsedale Horses

Aleia and a real cowgirl.

Aleia and the 'real' belle horse. (She has a toy horse named Belle whom she loves dearly)

Fall strolls and Joy rides

We have been really enjoying the beautiful weekend weather. We love fall! Here are some pictures of my family enjoying the fall.

More Funnies

Aleia and I were playing 'dogs' while I was feeding Macie. Aleia wanted me to play on the floor with her, but it's harder to get up while nursing a baby if I'm on the floor so I remained in the chair. I put the dog on my knee.

Aleia, addressing the dog said "What are you doing up there?"

Justifying sitting in the chair my dog said "I'm looking out for danger."

Aleia said "oh." Then pulled out another dog. "Hi. I'm Danger."

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Aleia and I were hanging out in the car. She was up in the passenger side in the front, and found some gum packs in the center console. Aleia grabbed both of them and looking at the one said, "Mom, you're gonna have raspberry, and I'm gonna have..." She looks down at the picture on the label... "leafs." (Spearmint.) I think I like 'leaf' flavor better.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back in the Market

We pulled out of our contract on the duplex in Provo. We were very excited about it, the place was perfect. And then, just days before our due diligence is up, we discover....Its a MANUFACTURED HOME! ARGH! There are lots of problems with manufactured homes. The financing is ridiculous, there's a bunch of red tape to weed through, not to mention they are incredibly difficult to sell, and this one happened to be thirty years old. Who knows if it is going to last another thirty? It was already showing signs of cracking in the ceiling and walls.


So, it's back to the market.

We're just really grateful we found out now, and not later.