Monday, July 19, 2010

HI Everyone!

Hello Everyone!
It's been a long time. I just want to give a few highlights from the past few months.

Matt and I have had a fun and busy summer. Matt's been working two full-time jobs (in the same company, until they can find a replacement for one of them) and has seriously been working all hours of the day. But after deadlines, we'll head out somewhere and go have some fun. We've been able to go play with some friends in Kamas, go to family reunions, see lot's of family that we don't normally see, and have some fun adventures.
Kamas at the house with Matt and Amanda Colemans' family
For the fourth of July we went up to Tremonton and spent time with my sister. The kids loved being with their awesome cousins. We loved it up there. They even let us get away for our aniversary. It is beautiful up there.

This past weekend the kids spent the night with grandma and grandpa so we enjoyed motorcyle rides, tried our hand at some mountain biking, and ran millions of errands in Orem. Whew!
Most of all, we're happy we have each other. And are greatful to be living out here. It is so peaceful and quiet away from everything. I love the smell of the fields, and the majestic mountains every where I look. Most of all, people are just friendly. It's nice.

Macie turned 2! She is an awesome little singer. Loves ambulances, cars, ants, barbie, and dancing.
Aleia has made quite a few friends on our street, and spends a good part of the day house hopping to different friends houses.
We have grass now! (It looks better than it does in this picture, this one was taken 4th of July weekend.)

Things haven't been all roses. In fact, this past month, for me at least, it seemed like the furnace of affliction was burning mighty hot. But we are trying to do the things that bring us joy, looking for the good all around us, and trusting that God is in charge. It helps.
Hope you all are doing well!