Monday, September 27, 2010

Livin the LIfe

Blogs are so interesting you know? A place where anyone can find out everything about you, without ever having to disclose of themselves. Such a wierd concept.
All seems to be well here.
Matt: is still working 2 jobs, but managing it remarkably well- coming home on time from work, and getting family time before the girls go down. He's also working with the 11 year olds in church, and with scouts. Go scouts!
Dixie: is teaching 3 aerobics classes during the week, 2 zumba and 1 yoga. Today's Zumba was so AWESOME! The energy was so high! And shauferring Aleia to Preschool 3 days a week, twice a day.
Aleia: is growing up so much! She is now in the stage of life where she'll go off to friends houses (by herself) That was a big adjustment when we moved here! There is always a friend to play with, and she LOVES that.
Macie: Loves to dance (still. I thought she would get out of that phase, but she hasn't yet). She loves going to "boomba" (Zumba) and loves to play with the neighbors too (if she's in the mood- otherwise she'll tell them to "go away") Her speech has really increased the last 4 months. She and Aleia also play really well together now. They giggle and laugh, and have a lot of fun.
That's us. Hope you are all well too!